Painful Breasts And Possible Causes.
Painful Breasts

Painful Breasts And Possible Causes.

This article was last updated 16 January 2012

Many women suffer from painful breasts before, during, and after their period times.

Due to water retention, and hormonal changes around that time of the month, the breasts can swell, also, they can become increasingly sensitive to the touch.

Luckily, there are ways to combat those problems, but only when you have a full understanding of them.


For example, it's important to understand how hormones can impact your body during your monthly cycle. Those hormonal changes can cause your body to retain a lot of water, for one thing. That can cause bloating, and it can also contribute to menstrual cramps and back pain.

However, it can also cause super sensitive skin, especially in the chest area.


Stress can also contribute to painful breasts before, during and after your period. When you are under physical or emotional stress, it can cause your body to release stress hormones into your system. Those stress hormones can cause anything from food cravings, to mood swings, and to more fluid retention and cramping.


Unfortunately, the food cravings triggered by hormonal changes and stress levels can also bring about more problems within your body during period times. For example, when you eat salty foods, your body will be triggered to hang onto more water. That can cause even more bloating and swelling, including in your breasts.

Caffeine is also a problem. It can dilate the blood vessels within your breasts, which can allow your breasts to swell and become painful to the touch. So, if you want to limit painful breasts around period times, you really should lower your intake of caffeinated beverages, such as coffee and soda.

Use Herbal Treatments:

Aside from being careful about what you eat, you also might want to take advantage of proven herbal remedies that can cut back on swelling, bloating and cramping during and just before and after your period. For example, evening primrose is an herb that is known for relieving tenderness, swelling and cramping.

Chasteberry is also a great herb to help you prevent painful breasts during and after your period. It can actually control your pituitary gland and prevent the release of certain hormones in large amounts.

In fact, since it can control the release of certain hormones, Chasteberry can also prevent other symptoms, such as menstrual cramps.

It would also be helpful if the herbal supplement treatment that you choose contains minerals and vitamins that are designed to support your body's health.

For example, magnesium is well known for its ability to control a woman's hormone levels before, during and after menstruation.

So, taking a supplement that contains magnesium can often help to relieve the symptoms of painful breasts.

So, if you have painful breasts after period times, don't worry, but if its a different type of pain from normal, see the Doctor straight away, best to check any changes.

You also need to start eating right, and taking a supplement that can help to support your body, would be a good idea, a natural supplement is recommended 

The trick is to find the right supplement, and start taking it before your period hits.

That way you can prevent many of the symptoms of painful breasts that you would have, rather than having to treat them after.

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